June 9, 2009-The title of the article caught my eye immediately. I could not pass up reading an article entitled Why I am Giving My Nine-year-old Pot. I could only guess at what the writer’s story was, or what the title really was referring to.

Turns out, it was what it purported to be. The article was a compelling and honest story by a mother of a son with severe autism. His autism caused him to have extremely violent tantrums, various symptoms of pain, and other medical problems (see full story here). After trying several drugs with all kinds of undesirable side effects, the writer, Marie Myung-ok Lee, finally took a homeopath’s suggestion and began to treat her son with marijuana.

While her results are not conclusive yet, Lee describes some notable and obvious signs of improvement in some respects. Although many of us may shudder at the thought of giving marijuana to a nine-year-old, this was not an ordinary nine-year-old. His severe autism led to violent tantrums, and his teachers had to wear protective gear because of his biting.

Fortunately, Lee lives in a state where she is able to get a medical marijuana license. Even so, there are still many restrictions and regulations that make it difficult for her to access marijuana for her son. In most other states, it would not even be possible without breaking the law.

This is just another example of the folly of the war on drugs. I don’t believe there is any merit for banning the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. However, banning marijuana for medicinal purposes leads to further unfair results for people like Lee and her son.