Breaking news on HEMP and Medical Marijuana – representing the ‘original’ Green Economy – environmental and human friendly products with over 7,000 years of testing and over 25,000 uses including food, medicine, biofuel, paper, plastics etc.

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  1. theefunklord Says:

    I just wanted to thank you for your services. I have retweeted several of your updates on twitter, and so I thought I’d say thanks.
    I’ve lost numerous family members to various forms of cancer over the years (I have a grandfather currently undergoing chemo), and each and every time I’ve seen the treatments weaken the individuals significantly.

    On a personal level I would give nothing more than to see these people suffer less on their way out as a result of different/herbal medication; or endure less struggles as they fight for life- attempting to regain appetite/strength and regular daily functions without pain.

    I am an advocate for intelligent, and responsible legalization, as I think it’s time certain legislators begin to realize that addressing years of ignorance could definitely lead to necessary changes in the lives of many citizens, both socially and economically….

    As an Ivy Leaguer, I’ve seen kids use the plant recreationally and cause trouble, however I’ve also seen (numerous) people use it in a functional manner, responsibly obeying every other law in this great country.
    I just hope sources like HempNews can continue to bring many hidden aspects of the plant to life, in an intelligent, rational, well-written manner.
    People will respect the movement more when we approach them with facts and figures.

    This one’s for you 🙂

    1. hempnewstv Says:

      Thanks for sharing your experiences – your family losses and challenges with pain and cancer – and how your perspective has been affected by these experiences. I am always touched by the compassion in those who are working though the tough decisions in support their loved ones – fighting for their lives. I am also inspired by the intelligence, passion and clarity of thought that surfaces in the many people who are active in this community – many for decades before I got became involved.

      With each passing day I marvel ever more about this most intelligent plant – cannabis sativa. How much smarter a plant exists on the planet? Hemp has made itself indispensable to man for most of recorded history – there is no exterminating it. I have come to believe that this humble plant holds the key to the future of sustainable communities – for our health, our economy and our humanity.

      I also believe in the innovative spirit and capability of America, and in the heart of its people. I agree with you – we need to move the conversation about marijuana out of a rhetoric mode around a criminal issue and into the realm where it truly belongs – as a dialogue and debate about a health and compassionate care issue. While I of course have my own opinions on the issues, my goal here at HempNews is to promote build a place for intelligent and informed dialogue and debate about the issues so we can put the myths on both sides of the discussions aside and talk facts.

      Not until our community at large has this dialogue can we move on from this failed approach and learn how to embrace marijuana in our lives in a honest, humane way and start paying attention to the urgent needs of its many victims – the “unintended consequences” of this failed war on our people.

      Thanks again for reaching out and sharing.

  2. Press Release from

    Beginning immediately will be working, to organize enough volunteers so we can get the legally required number of signatures to guarantee that Medical Marijuana will be on the next Minnesota Ballot in 2010 as a Constitutional Amendment.

    We are presently working on the wording of the Minnesota Medical Marijuana Constitutional Amendment. We are planning to have Minnesota’s Constitutional Amendment more similar to the Bill S. F. 97 that our Minnesota Senate passed then the too restrictive version of H.F. #292 the Bill that the Minnesota House passed.

    Please email to become an organizer for signing up Minnesotans to get Medical Marijuana on the next Ballot in 2010 as a Constitutional Amendment.

    We will be updating our site http://www.minnesota-medical– soon with all details, please email your ideas.

    We intention to continue the right to protect patients that their doctors would prescribe and advise their patients the use Medical of Marijuana to easy their suffering and in the case of glaucoma BLOCK their path to blindness.

    We will take control like California did.

    Please join us, of the volunteer staff of Minnesota Medical Marijuana

  3. infomanusa Says:

    enjoyed your site,,,picked it up on twitter,,,you signed up and following me on infomanusa–all comments from your newsgroup, is appricated,,thanks again,,f.g.s.

  4. I recently went through seven months of Chemo for Metastatic Melanoma, (I was scheduled for 12 months but my body couldn’t handle it), and I truly don’t think I could have made it through the Chemo without Marijuana. There are Many reasons for my opinion about Marijuana Legalization but Medical use should be a right as an American citizen! Marijuana Legalization and Healthcare Reform are the two most important issues in my life now. I feel that Americans should have the right to have access to both. I have expressed my opinions about Marijuana Legalization several times on your site and I continue to speak to anyone that will listen to my opinions. Love your site, keep up the fight. I also have a link to this site on my personal page so that my friends can read the great articles that I find here.
    If you are interested in my Healthcare proposal you can view it on my blog at;
    I would love to hear any comments or suggestions.

  5. How do I sign up to recieve your emails – this is the first time I saw them and you guys are awesome – great reporting. Thanks, Bruce Perlowin – The King of Pot

  6. Thanks for becoming my Facebook friend at and joining our cause which I formed today called “Support a Minnesota Medical Marijuana Constitutional Amendment for the 2010 Ballot”

    It is at

    By joining “Support a Minnesota Medical Marijuana Constitutional Amendment for the 2010 Ballot” , you are a very kind caring person for working to ease the suffering and pain of terminally ill Minnesotans.

    I now have over 600 friends on Facebook and over 700 on Twitter DrShepard all good people who like you support making Medical Marijuana legal in Minnesota with a Constitutional Amendment to get on the 2010 Ballot!

    We may have a hard sale but if WE can improve the quality of life of many Minnesotans by easing their pain & suffering where their doctor agrees that Medical Marijuana would benefit their illness we know we have changed their world.

    Just think of the people we can get through their Chemo, prevent from going Blind live long if they have AIDS by our work we will enable thousands of Minnesotans to return to a normal life.

    Please message me your ideas and very important get your friends to become my friends so we will have strength in number when the Minnesota Legislature going into session early next year to organize our efforts by emailing our legislators and writing Letter to the Editor to be published in your local newspapers.

    All these can easily be done by just visiting:

    Then click on


    2)Or to write a Letter to the Editor just Click-Write a letter to the Editor urging your legislators to pass a Medical Marijuana Constitutional Amendment that supports the legal use Medical Marijuana for our terminally ill so we can vote on it in the 2010 General Election.

    God Bless you

    Dr. Jack Shepard, it will not be ease; we need strength in numbers
    And again thank you very much for joining our cause

  7. Bruce Cain Says:

    I would like to submit the following article. I am the author.

  8. itispolite Says:

    Excellent source of information here. I’m a subscriber now!

    Keep up the great work.

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